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Daalna - "आहा....जश जश भ गेल"

Sunday, 14th Jan 2024, on a freezing Texan morning, as the state sought refuge from the biting cold, two culinary enthusiasts, motivated by their love for cooking and a fervent desire to share the delightful indigenous flavors of "Daalna" with the DFW Maithil Family, embarked on a daring culinary venture. Despite the weather's challenges, they braved the elements to prepare a mixed vegetable curry for our Maithil family at the Senter East Building in Irving.

The mission was clear: replicate the authentic taste and essence of "Gaamak Daalna." Undeterred by the seemingly daunting task, the seasoned connoisseur Rajeev Jee led the charge, supported by the equally passionate Mukesh and assisted by a dedicated team including Tarun Jee, Prakash Jee, Anshu Jee, Hemant Jee, and Namrata Jee, who lent their expertise in vegetable preparation.

The culinary journey unfolded with carefully selected fresh vegetables and handpicked spices, initiating a meticulous process that involved two hours of continuous frying, sautéing, and vigilant monitoring. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the eagerly anticipated Dalna, a mixed vegetable curry that was now ready for everyone to savor and enjoy at the DFW Maithil Family's Makar Sankranti celebration.

Upon savoring the Daalna with Choora and Dahi, everyone found themselves enchanted by its magical taste, unanimously declaring it as the pinnacle of culinary delight – an unparalleled experience that left them convinced it was the finest they had ever tasted. An abundance of gratitude-filled feedback folded in expressing the flavor, one that is still resonating like the music to my ear was "आहा...जश जश भ गेल”

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Inspiration personified! Rajeev ji and Mukesh ji, your extraordinary dedication in crafting the delectable 'Daalna' leaves us speechless. The genuine smiles on your faces throughout the preparation, even in battling the freezing cold, deserve special mention. You not only ensured it was ready on time but also prepared with perfection. These smiles reflect not just happiness but a genuine passion for people enjoying the event. Your unwavering commitment and the magic you bring to each event continue to raise the bar higher. Kudos to your tireless efforts and unwavering passion!




मकर संक्रांति के अवसर पर राजीव जी संगे मुकेश जी के लीडरशिप में अत्यंत स्वादिष्ट डालना, मिक्स्ड वेजिटेबल के आनंद उठा के गमक भोज के याद अबि गेल. पूरा टीम के धन्यवाद.


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