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Holi Milan Ho To Aisa!

23rd March 2024 marked yet another important milestone in the cultural legacy of DFW Maithil Family. After more than a month long of planning and preparation, finally it was the day to put all the efforts into execution. On a bright and sunny day, at the Frisco Commons Park, almost the whole community, gathered in high spirit and anticipation, to celebrate one of the most vibrant festivals, the Holi. Holi, a festival of bright colors, food and music, love and equality, also marks the arrival of Spring. And what better way to celebrate this festival with your extended families in a grand way, in a pristine atmosphere of the FCP. The celebration would not have been possible without the endless support and cooperation of our community. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to individuals, in no particular order, who helped in making it possible.

1. Rajeev Jee: He has been a constant behind all the culinary delights we have been experiencing in all our events. Every time, he comes with something new, something unique and this time was no different. The mouthwatering mutton stew (eestu, in our language) was the hero dish of the day which all the non vegetarians relished to the fullest. Apart from that, he had helped and guided in putting the pieces together to make the event a joyful experience for all. I'm not even talking about his knowledge and finer details that he adds in all the functions.

2. Neeraj Jee: He is a backbone for our community, one of our most reliable knights. Right from managing finances to taking care of music system to orchesrating the events to handling photography, he did it all without a fuss. One of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave, he was the go to person.

3. Saurabh Jee & Subhash Jee: They are our Jay and Veeru pair. These two people have been instrumental in elevating the overall experience of all our events with their "Gonu Jha Mithila Paan Bhandar". Right from curating the constituents to tiredlessly making 150+ paan the previous night was no easy task and they made it happen and how! They continued to prepare and serve Paan to the Paan lovers throughout the event. On top of that, these are two of the most entertaining individuals who enthralled us during the program with their singing, dancing and everything that came along.

4. Keshav Jee & Dhananjay Jee: They are our on ground champions taking care of all the purchases. Right from planning and making sure that we have all the required items, in right quantities, they made several trips to the stores so that the joy of the event is not dampened. Not only this, they were right there for post event clean up.

5. Brahma Jee & Prakash Mishra Jee: They made sure we had the right arrangements of the food items coming from caterers. From talking to the vendor, passing across the right message to picking up the order at the right time and getting the utensils cleaned and collected back, they did it all and effortlessly.

6. Chhaya Didi, Sangeeta Jee, Malti Jee and Rina Jee were our "Dahi Vada Divas" for putting all the efforts in preparing significant quantities of Dahi Vada for all. Weren't the vadas melting in the mouth just like that? I am sure you could gulp few even when your tummy is full.

7. Mona Jee, Ayushi Jee, Nimmi Jee and Richa Jee were our "Malpua Maestros" who made sure we had a taste of a sweet item along with savories. My mouth starts watering just thinking about those Malpuas.

Nimmi Jee also deserves a special mention for taking an additional responsibility of photography despite not being in the pink of health.

8. Siddhi Jee & Anupam Jee deserve the tag of "Kathal Queens" for preparing delicious kathal sabji (jackfruit curry) which was at par with the mutton stew. Even the meat lovers were in awe of the scrumptious curry. Personally, it was so good that I can eat it every day.

9. Geetanjali Jee & Supriya were the "Achaari Angels" who lent their touch to add a chatpata flavour to our wholesome lunch with Aaloo Achar. How well did it complement the other items! A much needed one to balance it all.

10. Deepak Jee is yet another silent warrior who took one of "toughest" task to serve mutton to all meat lovers from the beginning to the end making sure each individual got what they asked for. Note that he's been doing this not so convenient job in all our events.

11. Brajesh Jee, Subhash Jee, Darsh and Anika who mesmerized us with their soulful voices, keeping everyone spellbound. Can any event be complete without music? Don't they deserve to be celebrated?

12. Anshu Jee: This gem of a man is a silent soldier, making sure that the venue is cleaned after the event. He quietly does the job in each event and he does not even need to be reminded.

13. Avinash Jee: He is one of our strongest pillars and a force behind all of us, constantly monitoring everything from the background and nudging from time to time to ensure everything is done in the right way.

14. Vikram Jee: My co-commander in this event working shoulder to shoulder with me to make this event a memorable one. A quiet person by nature but ever reliable for everything. He might feature late in this note but he's always at the front when you need him.

15. Last but not the least, all the direct and indirect contributers, enthusiastic participants and performers. No event would be possible without your zealous participation and cooperation. Also, a big shout out to all our young members who added charm to the event with their innocence, simplicity and purity. We feel blessed to have you all around in all the events and making all the events memorable.

We would love to hear from you to make our upcoming events bigger and better. Looking forward to the next one.

Happy Holi!

Jay Maithil, Jay Mithila!

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It was a great team work. Sincere thanks to all members for your active participation and making this a grand success!

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