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DFW Maithil Family 2023 Recap

FYI: The post was published on FB and WhatsApp group on 23-Dec-2023.

As the year end is closing and holiday season starts, I was reflecting on the achievements of our group this year.

This group was created by Subhash Jha Jee on March 15, 2018. As of today we have 95 members as part of this group. Even though, Subhash Jee and I worked for the same organization for very long, we did not know each other and got connected through this group only. Through this group, I have made friends and mentors, where I am comfortable discussing any personal situations, which probably I would not discuss with any office colleagues and friends from other region. Given our common root, it creates instant connection and understanding which others cannot understand and will require lots of explanation.

While we had 4 major events this year for the entire group, we did have many smaller events , where events ranged from the house warmings, Satyanarayana puja, Ramayana path, mundan, janeo to chhathi, birthdays and unlimited potlucks and small gatherings. When you meet someone for so many times in a year, it is natural to build a relationship and bonding that makes us even more closer. This has also resulted in many sub-groups of like-minded individuals as well as task force working on some specific charter for the broader group. In fact, one of the popular members of this group once mentioned that he gets so many invites from group members that almost every week there is some event and he has to start managing calendars, which I believe is a good problem to have

Some of the characteristics of this group which differentiates us from other groups are:

  1. We are democratic and majority of decisions are being taken by polls or group discussions, which sometime creates irritations for some of the members, but that makes us unique as well.

  2. We believe in complete transparency and hence for any events we did not adopt ticket systems and transparently share expenses, even though that creates more work for our unofficial CFO, Mahendra Jee

  3. We have purposefully avoided appointing formal roles to any individual, to ensure that the core group as a whole takes ownership of whatever good or bad happens. Past several years of experience has also shown that we have so many talented, hardworking and excellent team players who keep this platform live with their innovative ideas, humor, presence of mind and zero ego, example: Mukesh Jee

  4. We also wanted this group restricted such that it does not grow that large that families do not know each other by name and we become just another headcount. We all have left our parents and family members back home for a better future, so the goal is to continue pursuing those dreams while recreating the feeling of same culture and community home away from home. If the conversations in this forum online or offline does not give you a smile on your face, does not take away the stress at work/business this forum is not for you.

  5. I truly believe in unity in diversity, hence taking along everyone without hurting anyone’s emotions and sentiments are the key. We have to broaden our thinking horizon and not have our own agenda. That will help transform this group and take us to next level of maturity. I know this is a process and cannot be done overnight or in just few years.

  6. There may be difference of opinions and way of working among members, but I am hopeful that with so many good things happening around us and with all of us having good intentions any conflict at personal level or group level can be resolved by discussions. This group is capable to do much better job and take our discourse to next level, be it in literature, arts, music, sports, technology or whatever. Hence, I am hoping that once our website is up and various charters of the group start creating contents, it will help elevate the quality of conversations in this group.

  7. Even though, we do not believe in making strict rules and regulations and want members to use their own judgment and common sense, given that size has grown we plan to document some of the best practices, code of conducts and other pointers that will help us set the expectations from members going forward.

Wish you all happy holidays and safe travels for the folks who is going out on vacation!

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