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Diwali Milan 2023

Updated: Jan 26

Dear DFW Mithila friends,

Thank you all for showing up with your families and making it another fantastic celebration. As I said last night, we set a record for the number of attendees despite this being a Sunday night event. We missed all who couldn’t make it this time.

The fabulous pictures (thank you, Rose, and everyone else) would have indicated the various flavors on display last night. The religious sentiments were honored with a Ganesh Puja (thank you Kailash ji and Kalpana ji) and traditional Maithili bhajans led by Chhaya ji, Jyoti ji, and other ladies. Neeraj Ji and the entertainment team deployed our newly acquired Maithil music system to full use. The structured program began with a Bhairavi stuti by Ketaki ji and Alpana ji. Kaavya, Aashika, and Anika impressed everyone with their singing skills, shlokas, and Maithili pronunciations. Darsh channeled his inner Arijit Singh with a beautiful melody while Shruti and Natanya showed off their well-choreographed dance moves. Ishaan Thakur, our own Maithil Kenny G, performed an enormously popular song with his saxophone. With the kids bringing so much talent, the adults had to step up to the occasion, and we saw some fabulous singing by Neeraj Ji, Anshu Ji, and Sanjay Ji. And just when people thought the energy level couldn't go any higher, Subhash ji captivated the audience with his thundering qawwali! Finally, Rajeev Ji and Vikram Ji were brave enough to attempt a katha amidst all the noise, completing the formal part.

The floor was now open for everyone, and that's when Rose had a mesmerizing dance performance to popular songs while the rest of the kids took turns with more items.

No show or entertainment is complete without the audience. And while the kids needed to have fun and found ways to do so with makeshift arrangements, many folks sat and encouraged the performers with their special attention. On one end - Rajeeb ji, Shobhan ji, Siddharth ji, Anshu ji, and other adults ensured a critical mass of audience. The front row of Bandana ji, Reena ji, Sangeeta ji, Kanta ji, Kalpana ji, Jyoti ji, Nimmi ji, Vinita ji, and other ladies provided live reactions to every item.

The catered food was served in parallel and on time. It was tasty and in good quantity. For the non-vegetarian fans - Rajeev ji covered their culinary cravings with his passion for Kojagra night's maach. Mukesh ji, Saurabh ji, Avinash ji, Deepak ji, Roshan ji and the rest of the crowd ably supported him. The onsite cooking added the fun of having firefighters show up and fix the blaring alarm. Finally, no Maithil celebration is complete without the traditional Paan, and Subhash ji had a full stall on display along with Munish ji to serve custom paans for everyone.

Our gratitude to all the visible and invisible volunteers who made this event possible. Avinash ji, Mahendra ji, Neeraj ji, Subhash ji, Keshav ji, Rajeev ji, Deepak ji, Hemant ji, Anshu ji, Nitish ji, Vikram ji, Siddharth ji, Mukesh ji, and many others worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to turn the vision into a reality. With over a thousand messages exchanges and two conference calls - they ensured no voice was left unheard and communication lines were kept open. Finally, it was genuinely heartwarming to see the spirit of every attendee in clearing the floor after the event - Rahul, Prashant ji, Deepak ji, Tarun ji, Vikram ji, Ketaki ji, Reena ji, Sarita ji, Kanta ji, Sangeeta ji, Keshav ji, Dhananjay ji, Avinash ji, Saurabh ji, Sanjay ji, and several more (I'm sure I am missing names) ensured that the floor was left in a state comparable to how we found it. And best of all, we left on time.

Let's keep our community thriving through fun, mutual love and respect. And, create fabulous memories along the way!

Cheers! Brajesh Jha P.S. We are planning a regular newsletter soon

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