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Holi Milan 2023

Thanks to you all for making DFW Maithil Family’s Holi Milan 2023 a grand success. In the last two months, we added several new members, that is a great sign that the current members are appreciating the benefits of being part of this forum and hence helping this family grow. I have heard the comments/feedbacks from various members post the event today and all were very encouraging. In fact, ladies were suggesting having more such meets outside the 3 main events (Makar Sankranti, Holi & Diwali) we do annually.

During today’s event all the new members got an opportunity to introduce themselves. However, Abha Jee and Manish Jee had some prior engagement and they had to leave even before we started the introduction. I am not sure, if anyone even captured their photos at the event. If you did, please do share. Post the event I also learnt that Abha Jee is a doctor. I always feel proud when I see Maithils reaching new heights and establishing themselves. Hope she had good experience in the brief time she spent with the group and will join us in the future events as well.

Now, with respect to the arrangements for this event, it was an experiment to do a potluck and what a success it was. We had plenty of food, as arrangements were made for a larger party size and some of the members had last minute changes and could not join. But, fortunately no food was wasted. Food were so delicious that, members happily packed any leftover, be it mutton or kathal sabji, Dahi Vada or Rasgulla, all were perfect.

In all the events in the prior years, we used to cater food from some of the good restaurants, but for the Sankranti event when people tasted homemade food by our reputed chefs (Ram Sevak Jee, Rajeev Jee and Anupam Jee) majority voted for potluck for Holi Milan. In fact, for this Holi Milan we discovered some new chef’s as well. Thanks to Chhaya Jee, Siddhi Jee, Rashmi Jee, Sangeeta Jee, Nabeena Jee, Geetanjali Jee, Alpana Jee, Richa Jee, and Rachna Jee for working so hard behind the scenes to make it happen. We had a bit of catering food as well, primarily for the starter. However, if members support the way they did today, may be next event will be 100% potluck and onsite cooking. With the unpredictable weather and high wind, we had to cancel the plan for onsite cooking today, but by looking at the videos and photos from Rajeev Jee’s backyard, I could only imagine how much fun it would be to cook onsite.

I would also like to thank Rose Jee for volunteering to be the photographer for this event. Her passion is evident in the quality of photos she takes.

While I take liberty to write this note, please note that it is not me, who is doing everything. We are a large team working in the backend and we collaborate seamlessly and help each other and cover for each other to make such events grand success.

Wish you all again a very Happy Holi!

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