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Makar Sankranti 2023

With every new event, we have been adding new families to the group and also ensuring that families who joined this group in the past continues to be part of this group and bonding and relationships among members grow.

For some constraints, some of the old members of this group like Sujit Kumar Jha, Hemant Jha, Rajeev Jha, Abhaya Kumar. and Sumit Jha could not join this event and were certainly missed by the organizing team. I am hopeful that in the next event we will have 100% participation.

With Makar Sankranti event location being in Fort Worth, which is little far for many of the members from Garland, McKinney and other areas, I was little apprehensive on the attendance. However, our Maithils proved that Dil mil jaaye to doori koi baadha nahin hoti hai.


With every event respectable Brajesh Jha bhai comes with new format to engage and entertain the members and yesterday was so entertaining and engaging. Be it Lalu-Rabri jodi or Harishchandra & Alam Ara combination, proven performers in the group like Subhash Jee, Roshan Jee, Jtoti Jee, Ketaki Jee as well as new performers like Niraj Jee, Ravi Jee, Rose Jee and many ladies in the group enjoyed the Antakashari and entertained the crowd. In fact, some of the ladies commented that good that hall was not very large, so that people could sit close to each other and mingle better.


In the past I used to rely mainly on the proven foodies and cook of the group like Rajeev Jha and used to seek his suggestions on everything related to food/catering for the event. However, we have so many talents in this area like Ramsewak Jha Rachna Jha Anupam Mishra Sujit Kumar Jha Brahma Jha that we are thinking of some innovative plan for the next event.

Execution of the event:

As you might have seen, event organizing team does not need any instructions from anyone and treat this event as its personal responsibility and willing to ensure that event is a success so that we continue to make such events successful. I would like to thank Anshu, Nishant, Keshav, Abhishek, Prakash, Pankaj, Prashant, Ramsevak, Brahma, Nitish and many others who helped this event make memorable.


One of the very critical aspect of such a large group is transparency in funds collection and its utilization. With Mahendra Jee handling the finances, you can be rest assured of the following:

  1. Timely and accurate fund collections

  2. Timely disbursement to all the expenses by organizing committee members and caterers

  3. No misuse/overspending of funds. Yes, he asks question if we really need to spend on something which can be avoided.

Looking forward to your active participation for Holi Milan in March.

PS: I have mentioned just few names, it does not mean that I am ignoring anyone. It just came in the flow while writing. Please send me feedback 1-1, I will update the post.

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