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Mithla Paan Bhandaar-A Heaven on Earh

सब लोकैन के सादर प्रणाम!!

We have tried our best in detail, to summarize The Journey inspired by “DFW Maithil Family – Mithila Paan Bhandaar” in United States, as part of Mithilanchal Traditional event - “Makar Sankranti”. To all Paan Lovers - Paan is nothing but Jaan, in Mithila “जब तक है पान” is similar to “जब तक है जान”. In Mithilanchal there is a famous saying that Paan & Makhaan are not even found in Heaven, which is so true & thoughtful that being a true Maithil, we decided to bring “Heaven on Earth” 😀

In this group of “DFW Maithil Family” - Saurabh Jha and myself had the honor to lead a great opportunity to showcase our Paan skills to serve our Dallas Maithil Family in all the events, and talking here, especially in the most recent event which was “Mithila Tila Skraint”  (which is also popularly known as Makar Sankranti). As described above that the Paan is not even available in heaven, so We as Mithila Paan Bhandaar Group had a great opportunity to serve the best of Paan’s flavors, by adding all kinds of super delicious type of Paans, such as -  “Meetha paan”, "Saada Paan", “Jarda Paan”, “Traditional Mithila Paan”, and “Customized flavored Paan” to be burst with love in everyone’s mouth.


Being a Maithil Brahman, Since our Mithilanchal childhood in our Mithila villages and native places, we have seen that Paan culture has done wonders in terms of bringing the community together, such as people gathering at Panwadi’s place and having a long discussion “from Education to Sports”, from “Party to Politics” and from “Happiness to Humorous Mithila Jokes”, and trust me, Folks, this all happen due to amazing and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Paan flavors giving people minds a new thought, new ideas, a feel of traditional Mithila pride and all above making People feel on “Top of the World", and Yes, this is called as the super duper effect of “Millions of flavors of bursting in the mouth” folded in nothing but a Paan, and that is exactly what we replicated in this DFW Maithil Family Group event - “Makar Sankranti”


Now, Let me just take you on a quick journey of how we accomplished the Mithilanchal Paan Experience in Dallas. Friends, our DFW Maithil Group’s main goal is to Bring the Maithil Community together and keep the culture flourishing in our Dallas Maithil community. 

So I, with Saurabh Jha ji, planned to set up to serve this community with Mithilanchal Paan. Trust me, folks, In the United States, making Paan can be a lot of effort but how we made it possible – (Please have a look below with a quick preparation & Planning experience) – 

  • Saurabh Jha along with Rajeev Jha took the lead in shopping for all the Paan ingredients.

  • They Shopped Katha, Chuna, Khushbu (also called Chaman Bahar), Paan Parag, Rajni Gandha, Jarda, Meenakshi Chutni, Gulkand, Saunf (also called as Mukhwas), Supari and last but not the least hundreds of Fresh Paan Leaves

  • One of the difficult things was that all the above-mentioned items were bought from different stores separated in miles, and the reason I mention this is because it’s not, not and not an easy effort. 

  • Now another amazing part is that “Gaurav Jha” who is one of our proud members of this esteemed Mithila group, did a solid decoration of Mithila Paan Bhandaar which made it a Super-Real and presentable Mithilanchal Panwadi for everyone. Wo kehte hain na “जो दिखता है वो बिकता है” so Thanks to Gaurav ji

  • And you know what Folks, with all the amazing effort…our set-up did build like a real solid Mithila Paan Bhandaar which we named on famous Mithila Character “Gonu Jha” .. as “Gonu Jha Paan bhandaar” (Please check out some pictures below) :-D

  • Then, we also, Arranged a solid set-up, with Katha mixed inside a Lota. Yes, a “Lota”, with the Paan leaves folded in red wet clothes, and all the delicious ingredients well distributed in a professional Paan Bhandaar set-up.. 😊 

  • Last but not Least … Making… of… THE.. Delicious Mithila Paan for Everyone… 

Now - Quiz Time Everyone, tell me what Maithil people look after having delicious heavy Bhoj, like here in this case, everyone had Panipuri made by Bramha ji, Dalna by “Rajeev Ji & Mukesh Ji” and catering food ordered by a famous Vendor, 

So….tell me what would every one of those look for after this Delicious food – (Options) – 

a) Run 10 Miles

b) Play Volleyball

c) Go to the gym

d) Have delicious Mithilanchal Paan from Mithila Paan bhandaar

Yes, you are right, Answer is “D” आप जीतते है सात करोड़ 😀.

After everyone had Delicious Mithila food, our Paan stall was overwhelmed with an amazing crowd, everyone was desperately looking for Paan with the feeling that this Paan they could not even get in even in Heaven😀.

With the teamwork of Surabh Jha and myself and special support from All the core Members of the Maithil Group in Dallas, we were able to serve hundreds of delicious Paan. I would like to end with this note of this blog of DFW Mithila Paan Bhandaar, with below Mithilanchal Paan slogan spiced with Bollywood fusion: 

तेरे हरे पत्तों की मीठी मुस्कियां

तेरे सौंफ की मदहोश गुस्ताखियां

तेरे चमन बहार की मुँह में लेती अंगड़ाईयां

नहीं भूलूंगा में जब तक है पान... जब तक है पान!!

मेरे हाथों से पान में प्यार की मीठी चटनी डालना!!

और मैथिल लोगों का प्यार से पान मांगना

ऊपर से थंडा थंडा पेपरमिंट पान में दबाके  डालना!!

और तो और मिथिला के सारे भावनाओं को हरे पत्ते में बंद करके परोसना!!

नहीं भूलूंगा में...!!

जब तक है पान, जब तक है पान, जब तक है पान..!!

Dear DFW Mithila Family, Excited to serve even with new creativity and flavors of super delicious Paan to our Great Family “DFW Maithil Group”!!

जय मिथिला

जय हो DFW मैथिल Family

Proud Maithil Members – (Subhash Jha & Saurabh Jha)

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1 Comment

Absolutely mesmerized by the enchanting representation of Mithila culture at Pan Bhandar! The attention to detail in both effort and thoughtful decoration is truly commendable. Saurabh ji and Subhash ji, your dedication has successfully transported us back to the nostalgic 90s. Sending big hugs to the incredible Paan Team for creating such a delightful experience!

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