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Summer Picnic 2023

This was another successful event of DFW Maithil Family members. Participants were fully charged and even in this peak summer of DFW, we had a large number of participants in this event.

I would like to thank Keshav Jee for taking lead in coordinating the logistics from booking a hall to call restaurants and arrange a wonderful catering. As always, Rajeev Jee's chicken curry was a hit and the same goes for Ramsewak and Rachna Jee's garam jalebi and Rasgulla. Any discrepancy in catering was compensated by the wonderful preparation from Rajeev Jee and Ramsewak Jee.

We had many new families who joined for the first time, but glad to see that all members welcomed them and help integrate them effortlessly and by the end of the event it looked like we knew each other for years. Thanks to our root that creates the common emotions which help us connect and make this family stronger and stronger after every event.

We did miss some of the old members who could not participate for personal constraints, but I am hoping that we will have 100% participation in Diwali event.

In my discussion with various members, feedback was that this venue is perfect for our group as it is centrally located (30- 45 minutes drive for most of the members), hall size is very large (double the size of the hall where we had Makar Sankranti event), it has a fully functional kitchen, sufficient parking and other amenities required for such events. In fact, several members recommended that we plan our event dates much in advance and ensure that we book the hall in timely manner to avoid issue of unavailability.

Several members also suggested that we pool resources and invest in a good quality sound system that can handle such a large hall and this kind of group size. We will initiate discussion on this thread in WhatsApp group and get feedback from members on how to go about it.

Given my 5 weeks of India trip in May - June, and busy with the backlog of work from vacation, personally I was not able to spend much quality time in planning and coordination of this event. However, the best part of this group is that we have so many motivated members who is willing to do whatever is needed to keep this group alive and help grow it day by day. Thanks to you all for leading from the front or behind and contributing to make this forum stronger.

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