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Mithila Magic: DFW Mithila Makar Sankranti Extravaganza

Updated: Jan 19


Step into the vibrant world of Mithila as we unfold the tapestry of our successful Makar Sankranti event. A Heartfelt Thanks to all volunteers and participants for making this event a resounding success. This blog invites you to relive the joy, culture, and communal spirit that marked the culmination of our Mithila-style celebration. Join us on this enchanting journey through the heart of tradition and festivity.

First and foremost, a sincere thank you to all the girls who stepped forward and were part of the organizing team, dedicating their time and volunteering for various activities. While I'm mentioning a few names such as Karuna Ji, Malti Ji, Rose Ji, Richa Ji, Sarita Ji Supriya Ji, Kanta ji, Soni ji, Bandana ji, Reena ji, Jyoti ji, Geetanjali ji, Srithi ji, Chhaya ji, Richa ji, Aayushi ji, Sidhartha ji’s family, Anupam ji and Nutan ji, many others worked behind the scenes and played crucial roles.

Decoration and Mithila Art Unveiled

Big thanks to Gaurav ji, Karuna ji, Supriyaji, and Sarita ji as they worked their magic, creating a beautiful ambiance in the decoration with the Mithila Parivar’s Banner, Kites, filled Bowls with all different types of Lai along with the cultural significance of Mithila paintings. The complete traditional feel was on point, thanks to their artistry and the efforts of other fantastic individuals. Lovely!


Story Telling

Richa Ji, it's truly amazing to see you coming up with the idea of two kids conversing and narrating the story so wonderfully. Kudos to you and both the kids who were storytellers! A big round of applause to Prateek Jha (Grade 6) and Gunin Jha (Grade 5)!


Cultural Spectacle

Cultural performances that showcased the essence of our culture. From traditional singing to dances, capture the spirit of unity and diversity that unfolded on the stage. Heartfelt thank you to Gaurav Ji for organizing the cultural activities, showcasing beautiful performances from Brajesh ji, Subhash ji, Sanjay Ji, Anshu ji, Geetanjali ji, Rose ji, Rachna ji, Avinash ji, Kailash ji, Ahaan (Nishant ji’s son), Anika (Anshu Ji’s daughter) and others.


Games and Laughter

Celebrated the playful side of our event by revisiting the games and activities that brought joy to all age groups. Shared laughter, friendly competition, and bonding moments that made the celebration a lively and engaging experience. Thanks to Malti Ji and Karuna Ji for organizing exciting games for both kids and adults. The inclusion of prizes added a competitive spirit, making it incredibly fun for everyone.


Delicious Fiesta with Mithila Flavors

Indulge in the culinary delights that celebrate the flavors of Mithila. Explored traditional recipes such as dahi-chura, mouth-watering tilkut, lai (Til, Mudhi, and Chura), daalna, Golgappa, samosa, chai, rice, naan, curries along with paan that adorned our event.


(a)   Daalna: Cooking daalna on-site outdoors in cold weather is no easy feat. A big shoutout to Rajeev ji, Muki ji, and all the volunteers who nailed it! Thanks to many other on-site volunteers including Tarun ji who assisted in cutting vegetables and supported in every way. Amazing teamwork!

(b)  Golgappa – Absolute hit! Incredibly tasty and perfectly balanced; so good that many of us couldn't resist going back for seconds. Big thanks to Brahma ji, not just for the amazing Golgappa but also for coordinating with Nidhi Kitchen and securing a great deal.

(c)   Gonu Jha Pan Bhandar – from the decorations to the attire, it was spot on! Big thanks to Saurabh ji and Subhash ji for creating such a 'Lajabab' experience!

(d)  Tilkut – A heartfelt thank you to Ramji for putting in immense effort to prepare Tilkut for all of us. Til Sankrant would have been incomplete without Ramji's Tilkut. Also, thank you for coordinating dahi and lai preparation and being a helping hand throughout.

(e)   Dahi – Bandana ji, Reena ji, Jyoti ji, Geetanjali ji, Srithi ji. – Thank you, so much, Jabardast Dahi Rahe!

(f)    Til Lai - Chhaya ji, Richa ji, Aayushi ji, Sidhartha ji --- Mouthwatering, so tasty

(g)   Mudhi and Chura Lai – Anupam ji, Nutan ji – reminded us of our childhood days, we didn’t get this kind of lai outside, very authentic taste.



Photography by Rose ji captured moments so beautifully; the pictures and videos will be cherished for a long time to come.

Our Finance Team

Mahendra ji's role was invaluable; from collecting contributions from every member to disbursing funds, he consistently shared his experiences gained from past events, contributing significantly to the success of the event. Join me in giving a well-deserved shout-out to Mahendra ji.

Purchasing Stuff:

Big shoutout to Dhananjay ji for handling all the shopping, making multiple trips to different stores, and not a hint of resistance – awesome!


Food Pickup:

Deepak ji, a big thank you for ensuring the timely pickup of food from the restaurant!"


Hall Booking: 

Thanks to Keshav ji for booking the Hall for us. Even though he is in India and couldn't make it, his support during the potential rescheduling was truly appreciated.


Guidance and Support:

The overall guidance provided by Avinash ji, Brajesh ji, and Rajeev ji is something that goes without saying. You're truly the pillar of this family, along with Subhash ji and others.


Communal Harmony in Mithila Spirit

Overall, it's fantastic to see the incredible enthusiasm of all the girls (won't call them ladies) in dancing and having a blast. Boys, not bad at all! Kudos to Nishant ji, Mahendra ji, Anshu ji, Sanjay ji, Roshan ji, Praksah ji, Abhishek ji, Hemant ji, Nitish ji, Shobhan ji, Tarun ji, Vikram ji (Birthday BOY), and everyone else involved.


Heartfelt Gratitude:

I express again sincere appreciation to all the participants and volunteers who braved the cold weather to contribute to the success of our event. The collaborative effort, dedication, and sense of community made the celebration a true reflection of Mithila traditions.

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Beautifully recaptured the event in words by Munish Jee. Hearty congratulations and thank you to you for managing the coordination of the event so well.

Just realized that on site tea preparation got missed. I remember Chhaya Di's effort to make the much needed beverage to keep everyone energized in the cold morning :)


Very well written and truly reflective of the collaboration that made this event possible. Munish ji was humble enough to leave his name out of the list and yet his professional expertise and positive mindset was the driving force behind the entire planning process. Identifying individual workstream leaders, assigning tasks, reviewing progress, resolving conflicts, while also sharing a word of encouragement from time to time - he displayed remarkable maturity that all the DFwMithila family members should be proud of. We are in safe hands with such leaders in our community!


Munish Ji… You have beautifully expressed the event details along with ensuring to cover each & everyone who participated as volunteers in any form whether small or big..superb…!!! बहुत अच्छा लिखते हैं आप 😊👏

One thing you couldn’t cover in your blog is obviously about yourself 😀

So here…wanted to take a quick moment to express deepest gratitude for the incredible job Munish Ji…you did in organizing and planning this Makar Sankranti event.

The level of dedication, attention to each & every detail, and sheer hard work that you put into making the event a success is truly commendable Sir 👍

We all have seen that you have always made sure to convene with core members & volunteers in multiple…


Wonderfully crafted post by Munish Jee covery every aspect of the mega event. Thank you Munish Jee for your detailed planning and staying on top of the game and organizing the event professionally. You have also been able to bring several women volunteers to the front, so that is a great achievement.

As I had said yesterday in some other forum, the level of wholesome fun and entertainment we had in this event has created a new standard for our group and I am hoping that the level of participation and collaboration will continue in future events as well.

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